ROM – Azospirillum is a beneficial soil borne bacterium capable of fixing considerable quantity of nitrogen in soil. The bacterium when applied to soil multiplies in billions and absorbs atmospheric nitrogen and fixes it in the root zone of the soil. While addition of urea gives readily available form of nitrogen to the plant, Azospirillum slowly improves soil nitrogen status by fixing atmospheric nitrogen. Addition of well-decomposed organic manure is very important for multiplication of Azospirillum. Repeated addition of Azospirillum will help to reduce application of nitrogenous fertilizers.

ROM – Azospirillum has a bacterial count of 2x109 / gm / ml and can be used for all crops. Since ROM – Azospirillum is in liquid or powder formulation, it can be easily applied to the soil or through the drip irrigation system.

Dosage: Five kg / 250 ml per acre in adequate quantity of water or applied mixed with small quantity of well decomposed organic manure.